See one of our shows!

Week 1 Performance: June 15 @ 11am

The Edge Christian Camp - Spring Grove, VA

Week 2 Performance: June 29 @ 11am

Crossroads Baptist Church - Fredericksburg, VA

Brand new this year: 2 weeks and 2 locations to choose from! Register now by clicking on one of the locations below or click on a brochure for more information:


SPecialized training

Campers will learn valuable skills and receive hands-on training in the key aspects of musical and theatrical productions, including: sight reading, choral singing, vocal technique, acting, costuming, stage makeup, lighting, and set design. This is accomplished through our rigorous rehearsal schedule and helpful workshops. Campers will learn first-hand what it takes to create a high-quality production while also developing a sound biblical philosophy of music and drama.


Campers will learn from a dedicated and highly qualified staff made up of members of the Keep Your Heart team along with many other experienced volunteers and music and drama veterans.


Campers will get to be a part of an exciting original production featuring brand new music and a script written especially for them!


Campers receive the greatest value of any music or drama camp in the nation!

Check out this recap of last year's camp: