Port au Prince, Haiti


Baptist Evangelism &
The Patmos Baptist Churches
Missionary Ron Maggard &
National Pastors


The first missions trip our team ever went on was to the country of Haiti. It changed our lives. And it sealed in our hearts the importance of short-term missions trips, both for the people on the field and the members of the group. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, but the spiritual need is even greater. On this trip you will have a chance to meet the beautiful, loving Haitian people while taking part in special revival services in multiple churches and holding Vacation Bible Schools in multiple cities and villages. Hundred of children will come to these events each day! But one of the most impactful opportunities we have in Haiti is our work with the Good Shepherd Orphanage. This orphanage was opened by Baptist Evangelism following the devastating earthquake of 2010 where many children lost their parents. The experience of spending time with these precious children is life-changing.

In Haiti we work with Ron Maggard- a veteran church planter and missionary. God has used him over the last 40 years to plant scores of churches all over the world. Since he began working in Haiti in 2010 he has helped to plant 5 churches led by Haitian pastors. One of the highlights of these trips is spending time learning from Ron about the work of the ministry and hearing his incredible stories of how God has worked through him.
Haiti is a difficult country, and the week of ministry is intensive. This is not a tourist trip. But it is still an incredibly enjoyable experience, and no team has ever left Haiti regretting the time they spent there.


$1000 (does not include travel to Haiti)